Thursday 26th November 2020

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5-7 Years School Children Activities

Activities for children in years 1 and 2 on the National Curriculum. They'll help you support your child with their homework.

Five Senses

Learning science is great fun for infant children. This activity encourages scientific enquiry. It focuses on sight, smell, sound, taste and touch - all five senses!

High Frequency Words

The National Curriculum requires five year olds to learn the High Frequency Words. These activities help build vocabulary and let children learn through fun with words!

Let's Go Shopping!

Setting up a pretend shop is a great way to support your child's mathematical development. It develops their understanding of money. What can they buy with their coins? What change will they need?


 Learning a foreign language helps introduce children to different countries and cultures. Children can enjoy these fun activitiesin French and Spanish!


Phonics help children learn to read and write by developing their 'phonemic awareness', so that they learn about the relationship between sounds and spelling. Plus - these activities are fun!


Help improve children's spelling and phonic ability.

Use 'look and say' and sound out each letter as children create the words.

Number Cruncher, Maths Practice Paper

This maths practice sheet focuses on simple concepts and equations. It is a great way of supporting your child in learning their maths.

Giants of the Animal Kingdom

Children love learning about big, exciting animals! This primary lesson plan is all about elephants and polar bears, their lifestyle and habitat. It's part of our Science KS1 section.


We have many activities to encourage your child's maths skills. This worksheet focuses on basic maths.

Let your child enjoy completing the addition and subtraction sums!