Monday 30th May 2016

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Worksheets for Children

Our fun educational worksheets are based on the National Curriculum and will support your child's KS2 homework. 

You will find lots more activities to support children's learning in our Education section.

Education Worksheets Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6


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Eurocamp Kids Clubs

Eurocamp cater for the whole family on holiday. Their kids clubs are perfect for meeting up with other children and enjoying a wide range of activities under the supervision of friendly, fully-trained couriers. The kids club 'Energy' is aimed at the sportier and more active children, aged 10-12 years. View The Station for more information. Mac's Fun Station kids club lets children enjoy a wider range of activities for those children who have enough energy to play all day long! Plus, Fun Station For All kids club encourages children of different ages to come together.

Making a Speech

Is your child preparing their hustings for the School Council? Use this activity to help them practice their speech! Public speaking also builds children's confidence and presentation skills.

The Lion & the Mouse, English Comprehension KS2

After reading this lovely story, children can answer questions. They can also look for words words with the same meaning in the text and discuss the moral of the story.

Reading Timetables

This Maths worksheet fis a great way to encourage children's sums. You will find this activity, plus many more, within our Maths KS2 section.

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Developed by industry professionals including international parenting and child development experts, the new ‘Enterprising Child’ communication app has been created with the aim of helping children become confident, competent communicators.

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11 Plus Practice Papers

If your child is taking their 11 Plus exams, we've produced 11 Plus test papers covering Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, in association with Explore Learning. Find our 11 Plus exam papers here.


This maths activity is all about symmetry. It will also help your child with using and applying mathematics, counting and understanding numbers. It is part of our Maths KS2 section.


This science activity explains ecosystems, which is where creatures and plants live and interact together. Fascinating and fun for enquiring minds!



Making a Switch

This activity demonstrates how to make a switch. It supports children's learning for electronics. It lives in our Science KS2 section, where you will find a range of activities to support children's science learning from Years 3 to 6.