Tuesday 24th November 2020

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Activities for Children

Thousands of printable resources!

All our activities encourage children's creativity, stimulate their imaginations and help develop fine motor skills.

Our activities are grouped into well a wide variety of themes, such as Farm, Space, Colouring in Pictures, and often overlap into more than one.

We have activities for well-loved pre-school brands that we helped launch, such as Pip Ahoy! or Peppa Pig. The Saving Superstar resources help children learn about finance.

Many of our activities are under-pinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and primary curriculum.

Our Counting, Colour in & Count and Shapes activities help with numeracy. Activities such as Spot the Difference and mazes develop children’s logical and reasoning skills, which in turn also boosts maths skills.

We encourage literacy with sections such as Words & Spelling, Alphabet and Phonics. Activities within our Minibeasts, Ocean, seasonal sections - and lots more - promote children’s world understanding.

Role Play, Goal Setting and Reward Charts help with personal, social and emotional development.

Our activities are often linked to national events. For example, we have a range of activities for Remembrance Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, major sporting events. And many more!


Our separate Education section contains resources specifically designed to support the National Curriculum.

We also support cultural occasions, our national days (St. David, St. Patrick, St. George, St. Andrew) and a range of religious festivals, all of which live in our Religion & Culture section.
Whether you're encouraging your child's learning or planning their birthday party, our activities will give you and your child hours of enjoyment. Just choose from the drop-down menu and have lots of fun!
You just need to roll your mouse over the Activities tab on our homepage to access all our activities.