Thursday 1st October 2020

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Great energy savings from biomass boilers & LED lighting to help you go Green

Helping your nursery, school or academy cut energy costs and save money

Many establishments are spending money on poor performing heating and lighting systems and wasting valuable gas and electicity. With our partner, Logical Energy Consultants, we now have a service that can help you save significant money and become greener. Benefits include:

- Significant ongoing energy savings, typically 40 - 70% per annum.

- Be greener and reduce your carbon footprint.

- No upfront capital expenditure is required. Specialised Green finance will be covered by the energy saving. This means your installation can be cost-neutral.

- Our partner, Logical Energy, will provide you with independent advice and then install green solutions, such as biomass boilers and LED lighting, to give you ongoing savings.

- They will help you to obtain significant long-term government incentives, designed to help businesses go "green" and displace fossil fuels.


For example, a biomass boiler heating system is a clean green heating source that will significantly reduce fuel bills and will qualify for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI is a government incentive paying you for every unit of heat generated by your eligible system. This government incentive is guaranteed for 20 years.

The Windhager biomass boiler system is an example of a technology that Logical Energy Consultants recommends. A residential care home near Doncaster has significantly reduced its energy costs by the installation of this sytem, which now supplies all heating and hot water. Rock House Residential Home, a Grade II listed building and former hunting lodge of Lord Scarborough in Tickhill, replaced seven oil boilers with three biomass wood pellet boilers, considerably improving the efficiency of the home, reducing the heating bills, and making it far more environmentally friendly.

The reliability of the biomass boilers meant that the external location of the system allowed Rock House’s owner Andrew Pass to re-allocate the four internal plant rooms used previously for the oil boilers. “We have been able to convert one plant room into another bedroom and extend and improve our laundry facilities” said Mr Pass. The compact systems have given Rock House both increased efficiency and improved utility of space.
The installation at Rock House was at the coldest time of the year, yet the longest downtime for the central heating was only eight hours.
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Biomass Boiler Heating System

Biomass is organic material that comes from plants and animals, and it is a renewable source of energy. Wood is the most commonly used form in biomass boilers. Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere as they grow, hence biomass is carbon neutral as the burming emits the same amount of carbon as was absorbed. Biomass is a major improvement over Natural Gas, LPG, Electric and Oil powered systems, which is why the Government is providing this subsidy to help achieve carbon reduction targets. 
Biomass pellets are manufactured from sustainable forests, and they are manufactured to hold very little moisture, in order to provide maximum efficiency (typically 95%). Systems are fully automated, requiring very little maintenance and carry a 7-year warranty.
Changing from an old system may seem like a big step, but Logical Energy can make it easy for you. We believe it will benefit nurseries and schools to carry out the work while the incentives are still available.
See how a Biomass boiler works 
iChild Recommends Logical Energy Consultants
Run by Paul Tomlinson, Paul has many years of experience operating at a senior corporate level predominantly in the blue-chip energy sector (SSE and British Gas). Paul offers a wealth of expertise to business owners and managers looking to capitalise on Green Initiatives and significantly reduce energy costs.
Focusing on government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, impartial advice is given on all major technologies that are relevant for your business, in order to minimise fuel costs and increase efficiencies