Thursday 26th November 2020

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New Child Insurance for Pre-Schoolers

Childsure is a private medical health insurance that has been designed specifically for children. This is an affordable insurance that costs £13.50 per month for one child.

The Child Health Solutions policy from Childsure, in association with Aviva, offers some of the most comprehensive benefits in the market for one of the lowest prices available.

In addition to comprehensive in-patient, day-patient & out-patient cover, Child Health Solutions also provides cover for your GP to refer your child to see a Speech Therapist, which includes an assessment. Your child will also be covered for routine dental treatment, access to a 24 hour, 7 days a week GP Helpline. If for any reason your child is treated on the NHS you can claim £100 per night up to a maximum of 30 nights in any one policy year.

Not forgetting all newborns can be added free of charge until your next renewal, this could save you up to £12.50 per month.

Steve Backley, OBE, Olympic silver medallist & former world record holder, is a Childsure policy holder for his two children, Steve says “ As a father of two children, I welcome the peace of mind that Childsure medical cover brings that should anything happen, diagnosis and treatment is immediately available!”.

For more information on Child Health Solutions please look at our website,