Friday 30th October 2020

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Epson’s Polar Bears and Elephants Education Resources

Epson's Polar Bear and Elephant wildlife conservation education resources have been created to cover the Primary age group, and are listed as per the following:-

  • Giants of the Animal Kingdom: includes detailed facts on these animals, plus fun fact cards and a question and answer sheet.
  • At Risk: includes some of the problems these animals are facing as a result of global warming, for example the threat to their habitats. There is a supporting wordsearch and a conservation poster template.
  • Baby Alert: focuses on developing creative, reading and writing skills. There are story writing and poem templates for children to be as creative as they can.
  • Meal Times: teaches the children about what these animals eat and the differences between herbivores and carnivores.
  • What can we do?: focuses on what we can do to help protect these wonderful creatures and how they can make others aware of their plight.
  • Plus, two fun board games; Polar Adventure and African Elephant Adventure, along with counters and a spinner to play the games.

You can access all of the above resources here for free!