Thursday 24th September 2020

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Hints & Tips for childminders

Advertising your childminding service safely and effectively

This service is designed to help parents find childminders in their area offering a childminding service. Only registered childminders who are members of the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) can advertise their services on the site. Silver Membership is provided as a benefit of PACEY membership. Parent members of iChild can search for and contact registered childminders in their area.

This service is intended to provide an introduction between parents and childminders and is not designed for the complete arrangement of childminding agreements. You have an opportunity to showcase your childcare setting, and parents are able to contact childminders they’re interested in looking after their child.

Keep personal information personal

When creating your profile, always consider the appropriate level of information to provide to prospective families.

This service is designed to ensure that your full address and postcode is never displayed to parents. Users will only ever see the first section of your postcode (for example, BR1). We’ve taken this precaution as the publication of a full postcode allows interested families to use online map websites to identify the exact location of your setting – even a bird's-eye view of your property using tools such as Google Maps.

PACEY recommends that such personal information is only disclosed after you have spoken to parents personally and it is clear that they are interested in using your childcare service.

When a parent is interested in contacting you about your childminding service, they will be able to send you a message via the website. When a parent has contacted you, make sure to follow up the email with either an email or a telephone call – again reinforcing your professionalism.

Pictures tell a thousand words

If you sign up to become a Gold Member, you’ll be able to upload images of you and your setting. This can be a really great way of showing off your setting, letting you highlight some of your unique selling points. Maybe you have large garden play equipment, or a sensory room. Do you live close to the beach or park? Maybe you can show pictures of some of the toys and activities you provide. All of these things will help give parents a real sense of your setting – and more importantly, what it might offer their child. All photos and information that you include in your listing will be in the public domain, so please ensure you have any required permissions.

Keep your profile fresh

You’re trying to get parents interested in your childminding service, and showing them a range of the things their child will do in your care will really help. Think carefully about the childminding service you offer. We’ve included lots of things that we know PACEY childminders provide. If you offer even more, you can write about what makes your service unique when you become a Gold Member. 

Even if you’re fully booked at the moment, remember to keep your profile up to date. Some parents will start thinking about childcare as soon as they know they’re expecting. And while you should never enter a childminding arrangement before a child is born, the more information a prospective parent has about your service the more likely they are to come back to you when they’re ready to arrange childcare.

Keep your vacancies up to date

Remember to keep your vacancy calendar accurate and updated at least every 8 weeks. Accurate information helps reinforce your professional image.

Never give out financial information

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who think nothing of trying to steal from or defraud others. Never agree to an overpayment on a new childminding arrangement or give your registration details before agreeing a childminding contract.

Making arrangements with parents

Once a contact with a parent has been made, you should continue your negotiating arrangements as normal, ensuring that you are comfortable with the arrangement you’re making.

This service is provided by PACEY and iChild to support you in the promotion of your business. However, neither PACEY nor iChild can monitor or moderate your use of this site, and you should take all reasonable precautions when logging in, creating a profile and contacting prospective parents.

Inappropriate use of this site will be considered a breach of PACEY’s terms and conditions of membership.