Thursday 24th September 2020

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Thank you for signing up to our Gold Membership!

As an iChild Gold member, you can now benefit from the following; 

 You can download your iChild Gold membership certificate to print out here.



 Access to all iChild Gold activities & resources

  • Create personalised signs and posters
  • Download multiple activities in one go
  • Create personalised photo posters and invites
  • Personalise your own photo flash cards
  • Religious Festival Stories
  • iChild Gold membership certificate to print out

Find further details on the series of resources we have developed for Gold members below. 

Free Venture Family Photography Experience

As a thank you for becoming a Gold Member, we are delighted to offer you a complimentary Venture family experience voucher, worth £245. This entitles you to a fun photoshoot, cinematic viewing of your photos, plus a handmade, framed 7" x 5" photograph to take away with you. Find details on how to claim your voucher here

 Signs & Posters section

We have developed a whole range of both colour and black and white signs and posters, that can be used around the home or within a childcare setting. You can also create a simple logo to personalise the sign with your name or a child's name, or upload your own logo if you have one. View the signs and posters section here.


Religious Festival Stories

We had many requests to expand our religious festival resources to allow you to teach different festivals to young children. Our religious activities have been written by Pat Alden, a religious teacher for over 35 years, and an ordained priest.

Each story is set out as a ‘picture board’ so can be told in the simplest way, whilst keeping the attention of the child. Each story has supporting activity ideas and many festivals have supporting resources. View the Religious Festival section here.

 iChild Calendar

Our online calendar (which can also be printed off and stuck on the wall/fridge!) can be used to plan your child's activities for the week or month ahead!

We feature many events, festivals and occasions each month. Simply click on a listed event to access the corresponding activities, worksheets and resources. As an iChild Gold Member, you will be able to access all resources from the Calendar. View the iChild Calendar here.


 Access to all iChild Gold activities

Now you have upgraded to iChild Gold Membership you can access all of our activities across the website! This includes access to our growing bank of Gold resources which are marked with the Gold logo.

iChild Toy Box!

As an iChild Gold member you can add up to 30 iChild activities each day to your 'Toy Box' and then download them all in one go. Simply click on the "Add to Toy Box" logos for the activities you wish to download. Once you are ready, click on 'Download My Toy box', and a single ZIP file containing everything in your Toy Box will be created for you.

Photo Flashcards

You can also access our Photo Flashcard section where you can download photographic flashcards, with or without personalisation.
There are many different uses for these including games such as Snap or Matching Pairs. Alternatively you could print one sheet out as it is, without personalising, and the children can write what the images are. View the Photo Flashcard section here. 


  Photo Posters section

With our Photo Poster section for Gold Members, you now have the ability to use high quality photography to create your own personalised signs and posters. You can write a heading above the photo and a text description under the image, on each poster, before printing them out. You can even customise these with your name or logo before you download them.

These are also great for creating themed invitations. View the new Photo Poster Section here. 




We will be producing many more activities and resources each month, and what we produce will be based on your requests. So please do let us know what you think by emailing with any comments/suggestions! We hope you enjoy the benefits of your Gold membership, and look forward to hearing what you think.

The iChild Team