Saturday 31st October 2020

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Royal Mail Classic Children's TV Education Resources

Royal Mail’s Classic Children’s TV education resource pack is designed for EYFS and Key Stage 1 (or equivalent). The pack consists of eight lesson plans and a board game. Each of the lesson plans showcases a classic British children’s TV show and covers National Curriculum subjects.

An overview of the lesson plans:

  • A problem for Paddington Bear: These activities focus on helping Paddington find his belongings in a maze and helping him pack his suitcase for Peru.
  • Build a pillar box with Bob: These activities focus on building a pillar box, designing a Classic Children’s TV stamp, a spot the difference and colouring in pictures of Bob.
  • Where does it go Great Uncle Bulgaria?: These activities focus on learning about recycling and the environment with the Wombles.
  • Posting a letter with Pat and his cat: These activities include cutting out story cards and working out the journey of a letter.
  • Shaun and his Adventures: These activities focus on counting and discussing what happens on a farm.
  • Sing Along with Bagpuss: These activities include learning and singing along to Bagpuss songs. Sandra Kerr, the original co-writer of the songs, has re-written two of the most popular Bagpuss songs for younger children. You can listen to recordings of the songs here.
  • Out in all weathers with Peppa: These activities focus on creating a weather chart by cutting out weather symbols and putting them in the correct place on the chart.
  • TV friends from the past: This lesson plan talks about the other Classic Children’s TV shows featured in Royal Mail’s Special Stamp series. Activities include getting children to ask their parents and grandparents about the shows they watched when they were children.
  • Posting a letter game: The aim of this game is to help the different children’s TV characters post their letters. It can be played with between 2 and 8 players.