Saturday 31st October 2020

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Royal Mail’s Dinosaurs Education Resources

Royal Mail's Dinosaurs education resources support the launch of the Special Stamp series showcasing the Dinosaurs whose fossils were found in the UK.

The resources cover the Primary age group, and are listed as per the following:-
  • The Real Giants; These activities focusing in detail on the Dinosaurs that feature on the stamps, including facts on their size, diet and where they were discovered.
  • Fossil Hunters of the Past; These activities focus on Victorian palaeontologist Mary Anning, and founder of the Natural History Museum Richard Owen.
  • Designing a Dinosaur Stamp; These activities focus on the children using their imagination to draw their own Dinosaur stamp!
  • Living with Dinosaurs; These activities focus on what it might have been like living during the period when Dinosaurs walked the Earth.
  • Dinosaur Stamp Challenge Game; These activities focus on playing a fun board game and collecting stamps along the way!
You can also print off large images of the stamps that feature 10 different Dinosaurs whose fossilised remains were found in the UK.
You can access all of the above resources here for free!