Thursday 24th September 2020

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Royal Mail’s Doctor Who Education Resources

Royal Mail's Doctor Who education resources support the launch of Special Stamps celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. In addition, your child can create their own personalised 'The Future Doctor' photo stamps, using the Royal Mail Smilers app!

The resources cover the Primary age group, and are colour coordinated as per the following:-
  • Time Travel- Blue resources; These activities focus on the concept of Time Travel and timelines, placing events into chronological order. They also include templates and details for designing your own “The Future Doctor” photo stamp. Using the Royal Mail Smilers app, stamp designs can be downloaded for free, or sets of 10 1st Class Stamps bought for £9.99 (plus £1.45 p&p).
  • Out Into Space- Purple resources; These activities focus on learning about the planets within our Solar System.
  • Aliens- Green resources; These activities focus on the children using their imagination to draw an alien and describe what powers it might have!
  • Let's Invent- Orange resources; These activities focus on inventions and famous inventors of the past. If your child was to invent a machine, what would it be and why?

You can also print off large images of the stamps that feature the 11 different actors that have played The Doctor over the last 50 years, plus the TARDIS and 4 aliens/monsters too!

You can access all of the above resources here for free!