Thursday 29th October 2020

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Royal Mail’s Sporting Dreams Education Resources

Royal Mail's Sporting Dreams education resources support the new personalised “Future Gold Medal Winner” stamps, where by your child can create their own “Future Gold Medal Winner” photo stamps using the Royal Mail Smilers app!

The resources are separated into different ages and abilities from Early Years, through to Primary and Secondary school age, and are colour coordinated as per the following:-

  • I have a dream- Red resources; These activities focus on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, and the achievements of the athletes. What is your child's dream, and how might they be able to achieve it?
  • I did it my way- Blue resources; These activities focus on achievement in a historical sense, for example from older relatives.
  • Stamping my mark- Gold resources; These activities focus on your child designing their own “Future Gold Medal Winner” photo stamp. Using the Royal Mail Smilers app, stamp designs can be downloaded for free, or sets of 10 1st Class Stamps bought for £9.99 (plus £1.45 p&p).
  • Your dreams- Purple resources;These activities focus on drawing and writing a cartoon strip based story on the children achieving their sporting dream.
  • Achieve your dream- Green resources; These activities focus on creating instruction cards and counters, and then playing a fun board game. The end goal is to achieve a sporting dream and be awarded with a gold medal!

You can access all of the above resources here for free!

Here you will also find additional supporting activities including a ‘Sporting Dreams’ poster and four acrostic poems. Plus, a drawing and writing template for your child to draw/write about their dream, which allows your child to affix their personalised "Future Gold Medal Winner" stamp or design. These templates will allow you to keep a personal record over time of your child's changing dreams and aspirations.
In addition, we have designed 54 inspiration sheets, ideal for your child to look back on the achievements of athletes at London 2012. Your child can use this template to draw and write why this athlete is their inspiration, and to affix their own personalised Future Gold Medal Winner stamp, that can be created through the Royal Mail Smilers app.  
View all of the 'My Inspiration is...' sheets here