Tuesday 24th November 2020

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Ten reasons to register!

Save £50 on the Parent Hotline

Helping Schools Communicate with Parents

The Parent Hotline is offering a £50 discount to any schools or nurseries who register with them.

The hotline has proved invaluable to schools over the recent unprecedented weather, and has provided Headteachers with a simple, effective and reliable way to keep ALL PARENTS informed.

The service was set up to help schools manage information and communication with parents in regard to school trips, sports fixtures & cancellations, after schools clubs and school productions, but obviously is also very useful during emergencies or unexpected closures.

For the schools that currently use it, they appreciate its simplicity and its ability to work for them in all situations. For example, it can even update parents from a broken down coach returning from a theatre trip.

To claim your £50 discount, simply download and complete the following form.

The main benefits are:

  • It is very easy to use and Heads can leave & update messages from anywhere.
  • It works - complicated and in-depth messages can be left and, if needed, updated in other languages.
  • It is resilient - power cuts, text delays, mail server problems don’t affect the Parent Hotline.
  • It puts the onus on the parent, relieves pressure on the schools and helps them manage a difficult situation more effectively.
  • At just £100 set up and £95 per year it is priced to suit all school budgets - PLUS £50 discount through iChild
  • It helps communicate information to teachers and other school staff.
  • Parents really appreciate it.

For more information visit the Parent Hotline website.