Monday 28th September 2020

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Savlon- ‘Better a few grazed knees than a life cooped up indoors’

Savlon is encouraging mums to get their kids outside and let them explore the ‘great outdoors’ this year.

The drive, from the family first aid favourite brand, is backed up by new research highlighting that two thirds of five to 10 year olds in the UK would rather play outdoors with their friends than play computer games or watch TV inside.

However if your child does get a minor cut, bump or bruise, mums can also have peace of mind by knowing that there is a wide range of Savlon first aid products on the market to cleanse, treat and protect their little ones.

Here are a few savvy tips on helping your kids enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors safely:

  • Create a trusted family and friends watch scheme to supervise children when they are playing together outside
  • Get kids to partner up with a ‘buddy’ to keep an eye on each other and flag up any potential problems they may encounter as they play
  • Decide on a meeting point together so if your child loses sight of you they always know where to go to find you
  • Agree on areas they are free to roam and the spots that are out-of-bounds before play starts
  • Have a first aid kit on hand to cleanse, treat and protect any lumps and bumps your kids may acquire along the way

To find out more about basic first aid, what to put in your first aid kit and the Savlon product range visit: