Friday 24th November 2017

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The Developmental Milestones Tracker

Helping you assess your child's development: Six months to six years
The Child Developmental Milestones Tracker is a unique tool to assess children’s development. It was designed by our partners, Do-IT Solutions, who are world experts in child development. 
Measuring and monitoring the development and behaviour of your child  
Every parent or guardian wants to maximise the skills of their child, and to be reassured that their child is developing along the right pathway. Child development can vary greatly in the early years. Optimising your child’s development and gaining the knowledge to identify any delays means that you can help your child every step of the way, enabling them to succeed and thrive.
Around one in five children may have a developmental delay or difficulty, for a variety of reasons, which, if identified early, means intervention can be given. This tool can help to check how your child is doing and help to alert you to any potential delay, which you can discuss with health care professionals.
Do-IT Solutions
The Developmental Milestones Tracker has been developed by the team of professionals from Do-IT Solutions, which was founded by Professor Amanda Kirby and Dr Ian Smythe. 
Professor Kirby is a qualified GP, who has worked for many years with children, adolescents and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. Her interest arose as a parent of a child who has ADHD, Dyslexia and Developmental Coordination Disorder (also known as Dyspraxia). She launched an internationally recognized clinical and research centre in the UK. She has a valuable perspective being a parent, researcher and clinician and brings more than 25 years' experience.
Dr Smythe is an educational consultant, specialising in literacy and assessment, who has written widely on dyslexia and technology. 
About the '6 Months to 6 Years' Tracker 
The Child Developmental Milestones Tracker is more than just a list of developmental milestones:
It tracks your child’s learning and behavioural development (from six months up to six years). 
Provides instant, in-depth personalised and expert guidance, tips and resources to maximise your child’s potential. 
Alerts you if there are any potential delays. 
The tracker will ask you a series of questions for each child, which takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on your child’s progress.
If they are not achieving some of the milestones, you will be asked further questions to find out what stage they are at, so the time may vary from child to child. The questions are based on expected milestones in the following areas:
Emotional well being and attachment 
Social skills, sharing, play and friendship skills 
Language and communication - understanding and speaking  
Physical/personal independence skills 
Fine and gross motor skills, balance and general coordination 
Thinking and problem-solving skills

Webinar: edited highlights

Watch the edited highlights of Professor Kirby's webinar on child development, broadcast on Wednesday 10th February.

The Development Milestones Tracker Report
The tracker provides an immediate report showing what stage your child is at relative to their chronological (or real) age. The report also shows any previous results, which provides you with a document you can show to others (especially if there is some concern). 

The report provides personalised guidance, depending on the child’s age and stage of development. 
It is very exciting to be able to track and see the changes in your child’s development over time and to keep a record of their progress. You can see just how much progress your child is making in every area and start to see emerging strengths.
The report also suggests ways to strengthen areas of development and links back to some useful activities on our iChild website.  
If your child is showing any delay in a specific area, practical strategies to help and suggestions about play activities are given, along with further links on the iChild website.
Computer requirements
The system works through an internet browser, and should work on Windows, Apple and Android devices. To be accessible, the assessment has sound files. A reasonably fast internet speed is needed to avoid frustrating waits for downloads. We do not advise you using it on a mobile phone.
Accessing the Milestones Tracker
Register on the site, then register the details of your child, or children. Next you will be asked to pay a one-off fee (per child). This allows you to access the tracker as many times as you like for up to two years. If you renew your subscription after that you can continue to follow your child using the same tracker.
The Milestones Tracker retails at £28.99.
We have a special offer for iChild parent members of £14.99 (click here for your iChild code), and an offer of £7.50 for iChild Gold members (click here for your iChild Gold code). 
This offer is for parents and guardians. A separate article for childcare professionals is coming soon, along with a special childcare offer.