Saturday 31st October 2020

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First experiences with The Buttons Family

Meet Charlie, Cherry and Baby Lou, who are doing lots of things for the first time: staying overnight with Gran, going to the doctor’s and treating their toes to new shoes.

These stories are a lovely introduction to situations that can be worrying for small children, making them into exciting adventures instead. Each book also comes with colourful and collectable stickers inside!

Suitable for children age 0-5 years.

By Vivian French, illustrated by Sue Heap.

Going to the Doctor - Cherry has a cold but she doesn't want to go to the doctor. Her mum gently persuades her and when she gets there she finds it's not scary at all. In fact she has fun listening to her heartbeat on the stethoscope while Mum gets her medicine!

 First Day at Playschool - It’s Cherry’s first day at playschool and she’s feeling a bit nervous. Dad helps her to settle her in and she ends up making some new friends and having lots of fun!

The Babysitter - Mum and Dad are going out for the evening and a new babysitter is coming round to look after Cherry, Charlie and Baby Lou. She reads them two stories, and stays with them until they fall asleep. They want her to come back the next night too!

Staying with Gran - Cherry, Charlie and Baby Lou have never stayed with Gran on their own before, but she makes sure they have a lovely time. They make cupcakes and have Gran's famous surprise breakfast. Baby Lou even has Mum's old teddy to help her sleep.

New Shoes - Charlie's shoes are too tight but he doesn't want new ones. The lady at the shoe shop tells Charlie to listen to his toes, they are saying "ouch!". So Charlie gets brand new shoes.

 Going to the Dentist - Dad’s got toothache and Mum says it’s time all the Buttons went to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist shows Charlie, Cherry and baby Lou how to look after their teeth.


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