Thursday 24th September 2020

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Maisy 'First Experience' Books

Meet Maisy, everyone’s favourite mouse! This month, discover Maisy ‘First Experience’ books, perfect for readers age 0-5 years.

Maisy Goes on a Sleepover
Maisy has been invited to her very first sleepover at Tallulah's house – how exciting! She must pack her sleeping bag, her pyjamas and – oh! Let's not forget Panda! Lala is there, too, and together they dance, talk and play all day. They even have a special sleepover supper! Maisy never knew sleepovers could be so fun! Why not create your own birthday sleepover with the Maisy 'Party Kit' activity sheets here.
Watch this video and go behind the scenes with Maisy’s creator, Lucy Cousins.
Maisy's Band
Maisy and all her friends love making music and tonight, they're going to have a concert. Time to practise everyone! With all their musical  instruments – the piano, the triangle, drums and the double bass – they get a jam going, chinka-ching, rat-a-tat-tat, doo-ba-be-doo, tum-te-tum! What a show it will be!
Watch this video, and take a look inside the book.


Maisy Goes to the City

Maisy and Charley are visiting the city for the weekend – how exciting! They are met at the coach station by their friend Dotty, who shows them around… What noisy traffic! What giant buildings! So many flashing lights! And everywhere is so crowded – even the park. As Maisy and Charley explore, they go down into the underground, up an escalator in a department store – where for a moment Maisy even gets a bit lost – and see all the colourful sights in the wonderful bustling city. 
For fun Maisy activity sheets view our Maisy Activity Section here.