Thursday 1st October 2020

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Children's Savings: Financial Education Activities for Children

Welcome to the Children's Savings section on iChild!

This section has been brought to you in association with F&C, iChild's Children's Savings partner. F&C is one of the world’s leading investment managers and has been helping generations of people plan for a brighter financial future.

Whether you’re a relative or a friend, investing for a child’s future is one of the most important things you can do. When that child is looking to buy their first car, put the deposit down on a house or fund further education, the fruits of your investment foresight may come in very useful indeed.

Why it’s important

Financial planning is an essential part of life. It can make a huge difference to children when they reach adulthood. The sooner you start the longer your savings have to grow.

Investing in shares involves greater risk than saving into a bank account but the potential rewards may be much greater. Over the longer term, time can help to iron out the short-term fluctuations stock markets experience.

Getting started

F&C aim to make saving for children straightforward. Their diverse range of investment trusts means you can make a choice that suits your goals and willingness to accept risk. You can start investing from as little as £25 each month or with a £250 lump sum.

Take a look at F&C’s investment products for children and choose the one that aims to meet your needs.

Alternatively, watch F&C’s three part video series on ‘Investing for Children’ to learn about how financial planning can help parents and grandparents build a savings pot for children that is both affordable and has the potential to grow.

As with all stock market investments past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of your shares can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the full amount invested.

Saving activities for children

The activities below look at encouraging children to become familiar with different coins, teaching them to manage small amounts of money from a relatively young age, and also learning the value of money.

F&C has also launched a new Saving Superstar programme, developed to help your child learn about financial management. View the Saving Superstar resources here.