Thursday 26th November 2020

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Bagpuss Activities for Children

Below we have fun Bagpuss printable activities for your child to enjoy. Simply click on the activity you’d like to view and it will give you the option to print it out.
2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Bagpuss appearing on TV, and the saggy cloth cat is continually cited as the favourite British children’s TV character of all time. Bagpuss was a pink, striped, ‘saggy old cloth cat’ who appeared in 13 episodes produced in 1974. The series was set in a lost-and-found shop where Bagpuss would come to life on delivery of a discarded, broken item. Together with his friends, they would sing songs and stories around the object while it was repaired. The lyric sheets within this Royal Mail resource pack, have been provided by Sandra Kerr, the co-writer of the original Bagpuss songs in the 1970s. We are delighted to say that Sandra has re-recorded two of the most popular Bagpuss songs with a slower composition for younger children, exclusively for this pack. You can listen to these songs for free on; simply follow the Royal Mail ‘Classic Children’s TV’ links on the website.