Thursday 26th November 2020

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Twirlywoos Activities for Children

Welcome to our Twirlywoos section - full of silly fun and lots of surprises!

A CBeebies favourite, Twirlywoos is a preschool series featuring the antics of four fruit-tea loving, bird-like friends who seek adventure and fun wherever they go. Each Twirlywoos episode is based around a “schema” or pattern of learning that children go through to develop their own perceptions of the real world. The fun activities in this section reflect seven of these schemas: Under and Over, Up and Down, Back and Forth, Round and Round, Connecting, Going Through a Boundary and Enveloping or Containing. You will also find colouring in sheets, character cut-outs, games and stickers. Lots of fun for your little Twirly Fan!

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Enjoy Twilrywoos activities and resources below!