Saturday 24th October 2020

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Let's Count! - The Census Activities for Children

Welcome to "Let’s Count!", the census primary school programme for ONS

We are proud to be working with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Let’s Count!, the education programme which teaches children all about the census.
Census 2021 is the next national census, in which everyone in England and Wales will take part. In October 2019, four select areas are taking part in the census rehearsal (Carlisle, Ceredigtion, Hackney and Tower Hamlets). The rehearsal will help ensure things run smoothly for the real thing. Schools in this area are receiving our "Let's Count! Primary School Census" lesson plan packs.
Let's Count! is led by a team of Counter Cats (Digit, Doc, Scribble, Scout and Splotch). Each Counter Cat specialises in a key subject, and they will make the learning even more fun for the chldren.
Non-census area schools can also enjoy the programme! We're offering it in both the English and Welsh curriculum, as well as in the Welsh language. Please see the downloadable lesson plans below. 
To find out more, access the PowerPoint assembly presentation and lessons, plus watch the video, visit the official Let’s Count! website.