Tuesday 24th November 2020

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Fun activities with CBeebies

3rd & Bird Activities for Children

Welcome to our dedicated 3rd & Bird section, featuring fun printable activities for your children!

3rd & Bird is the new, animated pre-school series about a vibrant community of birds that live, learn and play in the branches of a beautiful old tree. 3rd & Bird is the street in which young Samuel Lovebird lives and explores with his friends Muffin and Rudy, bursting with songs, dancing and whistling galore.

Along the street lives their teacher, Mr Beakman, always on hand to teach the youngsters the value of being an active member of their bustling community.

You can find 3rd & Bird on CBeebies daily at 6.25pm, and if you would like more information on the show, please visit www.3rdandbird.com