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Introducing Lessons from the Maldives.

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The Maldives are at the centre of the climate crisis, facing an existential threat from the actions of the world’s most developed nations. UN High Representative, Courtenay Rattray, said at COP 26: “The world needs to hear the voices of island nations, where communities are dealing with a Climate Crisis they had little part in causing”.

To support this cause, Soneva - creators of luxurious and sustainable resorts in the Maldives and Thailand - have partnered with iChild to offer inspiring environmental learning opportunities in the Maldives. Plus, these experiential lessons can also be brought into your classroom for free!

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Engaging with the Environment

Since its launch 26 years ago, Soneva has been at the forefront of the Maldives’ effort to create a more sustainable future, in the face of climate change. Through initiatives such as eliminating single-use plastics, moving towards a zero-waste philosophy, using solar power and reducing its carbon footprint, preserving the Maldives’ native biodiversity is at the heart of Soneva’s Slow Life purpose. The aim of the environmental education from the Soneva Academy is to inspire the next generation to conserve and protect our planet for the future.

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Bring the magic of the Maldives and Soneva Academy into your classroom

iChild and Soneva Academy have worked together to provide free resources to support KS2 and KS3 science and geography. You will have access to three real-world lessons: Explore the Coral Reefs, Plastic in our lives and Mosquitoes. Each lesson includes an editable PowerPoint classroom presentation with accompanying teachers’ notes. Featuring stunning photography, animations, exclusive video footage from the Maldives, plus supporting resources, these lessons will truly bring the magic of the Maldives and the Soneva Academy into your classroom.

Watch the short video here.

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Explore the Coral Reefs

We first explore Coral Reefs in the Maldives. Your students will discover their importance and the threats they face. They will also see how Soneva is setting up the world’s biggest coral restoration project on Soneva Fushi. PLUS, your school can adopt a coral nursery structure!


Soneva has tackled the problem of mosquitoes, eliminated insecticides and increased bio-diversity in the process. In this fascinating lesson, your students will gain a full understanding of one of the deadliest animals on earth.

Plastic in our lives

Students will learn about single-use plastic and its negative impact on the environment. Plus, they will learn about the zero-waste initiatives at Soneva Fushi. Can we adopt some of these initiatives in our lives here too?

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Special offer from Soneva and iChild

You’ll also receive details of a fantastic offer code that you can share with parents, teachers and your school community. Book a dream Soneva holiday (directly with the Soneva Reservations team or at with the special booking code ICHILD and receive one complimentary Soneva Academy course per child. You will also enjoy complimentary daily breakfast, unlimited access to the cheese and chocolate rooms, snorkelling, movie screenings at cinema paradiso and one signature Soneva experience per family during your stay.

Unforgettable family experiences

Soneva’s Maldives resorts are a haven of wonder and adventure for young guests and their families, where rare experiences and enthralling activities take place in awe-inspiring natural surroundings. From the Den, which is the largest children’s club (for under 12s) in the Maldives and South Asia, through to the Soneva Academy’s educational courses (for teens), with unforgettable hands-on experiences, which will add an exciting new dimension to their schooling.

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