Thursday 6th August 2020

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Printable Activities & Education Resources for Children

To support you and your children all of our thousands of activities and resources are free at this time. This week children can enjoy:
FlashAcademy: language learning platform

iChild Blog

Posts on issues that matter to parents/carers, childminders, teachers or anybody who looks after children.

0-12 Months Baby Activities

Your baby’s first year is a journey of discovery!

Our fun, simple activities support your beautiful baby's development.

5-7 Years School Children Activities

Activities for children in years 1 and 2 on the National Curriculum. They'll help you support your child with their homework.

7-11 Years Worksheets for Children

Our activities are based on the National Curriculum to support your child's KS2 homework.  

Chick Paper Plate Craft Animation

Children love crafts!

So we're sure your child will love this cute chick craft. It's one of our favourite paper plate creations!

Just watch our animation - and see how it's done!


Help improve children's spelling and phonic ability.

Use 'look and say' and sound out each letter as children create the words.

Scissors & Shapes

Helping little ones practice their scissors skills.

Plus, developing shape skils - great for maths too!

FlashAcademy Language Learning

FlashAcademy® helps rapidly improve the language skills of pupils by teaching English curriculum content from 45 home languages, as well as Modern Foreign Languages and general English literacy skills. 

1-3 Years Toddler Activities

A variety of great activities to support your toddler's development and education.

Have fun and spend rewarding time with your little one!


3-5 Years Preschool Activities

Activities based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

A great way to prepare little ones for the big journey into reception!

iChild Nursery Rhyme Album

Listen to our lovely tracks and receive 2 FREE MP3 songs

Then download the lyrics and colouring-in sheets!


Puppet peekaboo is great fun. 

It also helps development, as baby learns to anticipate what is coming next.

It's the puppet - peekaboo! 

Time Passes

Helps children understand that time passes and events happen at different times.

We get up in the morning, play during the day and go to bed at night!