Monday 8th February 2016

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Baby Activities

Your baby’s first year is a time of discovery for you both. On iChild we have some fun activities for you to do together to help your baby's development. We also have some lovely nursery rhymes for you to sing!

Try Baby Massage

Bonding with your baby is such an intimate experience and very important for their development, both mentally and emotionally. Baby massage is the perfect bonding experience, and has many benefits including helping with colic, disrupted sleep, immune problems, digestion, and circulation. View our Baby Massage activity here.

iChild Nursery Rhyme Album

Sarah J. MacDonald's Magical World of Nursery Rhymes is now available to buy at iTunes and Amazon as an MP3 album.

You can listen to all the wonderful tracks and receive 2 FREE MP3 songs here, plus you can also download the lyrics and colouring-in sheets.


Playing puppet peekaboo with baby is a fun and effective way to encourage the use of imagination. This game is suitable for babies over 6 months. Peekaboo also helps to develop emotion, characteristics and personal preferences. View our Peekaboo activity here.

Free guide to life as a parent

Sign up today to Stepping Stones, the NCT’s latest free information service for parents.

Covering pregnancy, your baby’s development and life as a parent, Stepping Stones will take you from your third month of pregnancy to your baby’s second birthday.

Upgrade & become an iChild Gold Member!

If you are a childminder, teacher, nursery carer, volunteer leader, parent, grandparent or anyone looking after children why not upgrade to iChild Gold Membership? Find out more including the full package of benefits here.

Tummy Time Shuffle

Tummy Time Shuffle is an activity for you to do with your baby, from 3 months onwards. This game promotes the use of the muscles needed for crawling. This activity is a very safe and effective way to control the body, learn coordination and strengthen muscles. Your baby will learn to confidently move and learn fine and gross motor skills. View our Tummy Time Shuffle activity here.

Wiggle Ball

This fun baby activity with a ball encourages motor skills which will help your baby to crawl. Spending time on his tummy also helps to strengthen the neck, back and leg muscles. Suitable for babies over 3 months, this game will create excitement and interest and give you an activity to enjoy together. View our Wiggle ball activity here.