Thursday 17th October 2019

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0-12 Months Baby Activities

Your baby’s first year is a journey of discovery!

Our fun, simple activities support your beautiful baby's development.

Contrasting Colours - Black & White Posters

New-born babies can only focus on objects close to them. The most important for them to see is your face. As they grow, they can focus on more distant objects, but see in black and white for a few months. So these posters are just for them!

Contrasting Colours - Animal Posters

The most important thing a baby can see is your face, but as they reach six or seven months old, they enjoy bright colours and recognise different objects. We hope they'll enjoy our animal posters. Older babies can make animal sounds!

iChild Nursery Rhyme Album

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Playing puppet peekaboo with baby is a fun and effective way to encourage the use of imagination. Peekaboo also helps to develop emotion and personal preferences. 

Try Baby Massage

Bonding with your baby is an intimate experience and helps physical, mental and emotional development. Baby massage is the perfect bonding experience!

Tape Recording Fun

Skills: Communication. This activity develops communication skills and will help your baby explore expression and find their own voice. It is a great way to encourage early recognition of language and listening to familiar sounds and words. 

Contrasting Colours - Colour Posters

The most important thing a baby can see is your face, but as they reach about four or five months old, they begin to see colours, and are particularly drawn to bright, bold colours. We hope they will enjoy our contrasting colour posters!

Contrasting Colours - Baby Animal Face Posters

A baby's best thing to see is your face, followed by the faces of friends and family. Babies respond to contrasting colours, and see in black and white before colour. We hope our posters will be a fun addition to their nursery!

Tummy Time Shuffle

From 3 months: This game helps your baby strengthens the muscles that they will soon be needing for crawling. This activity is also a safe and effective way to control the body, learn coordination and strengthen muscles.

Finger Painting Fun

Skills: Expressive Arts & Design. This activity focusses on the creative side of your baby. Finger painting helps little ones use their imagination, be creative and explore colour and texture.

Family Photos

It is very important to help your baby to feel safe and secure. This activity helps your child build relationships with the special people in their lives.

Copy Cats

This activity will help your baby explore expression and find their own voice. It will help your baby learn how to listen and then respond. A loving way to encourage communication.


Where is it?

A fun activity which helps your baby learn that an object exists even if they can't see it. This activity comes into its own when your baby is about seven months old onwards.