Tuesday 29th September 2020

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Royal Mail Sporting Dreams Activities for Children

Welcome to Royal Mail’s Sporting Dreams education resource activity section, supporting our personalised “Future Gold Medal Winner” stamps.

Following the inspiring London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we now want to help the UK’s children think about their dreams, and how they will achieve them. You may be familiar with the popular Gold Medal Winner Stamps; now your children can create their own “Future Gold Medal Winner” photo stamps!

Simply download the Royal Mail Smilers app from the App store onto an iPad or iPhone, or from Google Play onto selected Android tablets or phones. Then upload a photo or picture, insert the name of the child, sporting event and school or town, and you can download the design for free. In addition, you can purchase postage stamp sets for £9.99 for 10 1st Class Stamps (plus £1.45 p&p). Find full instructions on creating your Future Gold Medal Winner Stamps here.

The Sporting Dreams activities below have been produced in conjunction with teachers and educational specialists, and are linked to the National Curriculum requirements in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and can be used both at home and within a childcare setting or school. The resources are listed below in the following order; Early Years, 'My Inspiration' sheets, Primary, additional supporting activities such as acrostic poem templates, Secondary and Welsh Language. You will find a more in depth description of the Sporting Dreams resources here.
For additional activity sheets based on the achievements of the Gold Medal Winners at London 2012 and their Gold Medal Winner Stamps, we've created 54 'inspiration' resources. Your child can write or draw why these particular athletes or teams, are their inspiration. View all 54 inspiration sheets here.
What's your child's sporting dream? Put it on a Stamp!
NB. Click on the image or the title to download each free resource below. Any queries, please email help@ichild.co.uk