Friday 22nd May 2015

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Pre School Activities

Our 3-5 years section focuses on your child's pre-school years. We've produced printable activities based around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which will help your child's development in language, creativity, problem solving and understanding of the world. 

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F&C Investments is pleased to announce the launch of their new web-based TV platform. The new F&C Money Spinner Videos are designed to help you make informed investment decisions. So whether you’re looking to find out more about asset allocation or interested in the last market news, visit F&C TV today.

Money: 3 - 5 years

Now your child has reached the age of three, with the ‘terrible twos’ hopefully a thing of the past, the financial game changes a little. You can strike nappies and baby formula off your shopping list, unless of course your little angel has been joined by a younger sibling, but you will probably be spending more on shoes and items like bikes and scooters. Now is also a good time to revisit your longer-term financial plans, or put some in place if you haven’t already.

F&C has produced some articles relevant to our 3-5 years section, giving information on Nursery Costs, Switching Your Child Trust Fund and Other Savings.

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If you are a childminder, teacher, nursery carer, volunteer leader, parent, grandparent or anyone looking after children why not upgrade to iChild Gold Membership? Find out more including the full package of benefits here.

iChild Nursery Rhyme Album

Sarah J. MacDonald's Magical World of Nursery Rhymes is now available to buy at iTunes and Amazon as an MP3 album.

You can listen to all the wonderful tracks and receive 2 FREE MP3 songs here, plus you can also download the lyrics and colouring-in sheets.