Wednesday 22nd February 2017

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3-5 Years Preschool Activities

Our printable activities are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). They're a great way to prepare your little one for their big journey into reception!

Eurocamp Kids Clubs

Eurocamp cater for the whole family on holiday. Their kids clubs are perfect for meeting up with other children and enjoying a wide range of activities under the supervision of friendly, fully-trained couriers. View Leo's Fun Station for more information on this kids club aimed at 4-6 year olds. Plus, Fun Station For All kids club encourages children of different ages to come together.

Something Special Interactive

There's a new and special interactive issue of Something Special magazine out now, which is packed with fun things to do! With stickers, colouring, lovely makes, a story and much more, there’s hours of fun to enjoy with Mr Tumble and Friends. Plus, use your phone or tablet to watch and join in with exclusive clips of Mr Tumble himself! Enjoy our activities here!

Daily Routines

These colourful cards are perfect for you and your child to play with together. They are a great way to help children settle into a regular routine!

Scissors & Shapes

An activity to help little ones practice using scissors - with adult supervision, of course! They are also improving their shape skils, which in turn is good for mathematical develoment.

Upgrade to Gold Membership

If you are a childminder, teacher, nursery carer, volunteer leader, parent, grandparent or anyone looking after children why not upgrade to iChild Gold Membership? Find out more about the full package of benefits here.

iChild Nursery Rhyme Album

Sarah J. MacDonald's Magical World of Nursery Rhymes is available at iTunes and Amazon. Listen to our lovely tracks and receive 2 FREE MP3 songs! Download lyrics and colouring-in sheets!

Under & Over

This activity helps develop your child's mobility and their awareness of space and their surroundings. Children need to move freely and love showing that they can control their movements. Plus, it keeps them fit and it's simply fun!


Past, Present & Future

Children are expected to learn their tenses as part of the National Curriculum. This activity has several picture that will help children talk about what has happened in the past, is happening in the present and what will happen in the future. 

Birthday Badges

Our many birthday crafts celebrate this big day, from the first birthday onwards. Our birthday activities are part of our Expressive Arts & Design section for 3-5 year olds.  

Time Passes

This activity is perfect to help young children understand that time passes and different events happen at different times. We have get up in the morning, we play during the day and at night it gets dark!

One More, One Less

Making simple calculations is part of the National Curriculum. This activity helps children solve problems and gives them confidence in adding more number or subracting one less.