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7 - 11 Years: Resources to support your child's development

7 - 11 Years: Resources to support your child's development hero image

Your child is now setting off on their four year journey through Junior School. The development resources below are in line with some of the key subjects in the National Curriculum. They can help you support them with their homework and school life. The selection of activities are fun, and can also support your child's learning. Before you know it, they'll be marching into secondary school!

Poetry Activities

Poetry Activities image

Your child's a poet, and we know it! These activities stimulate their imagination, as well as literacy and English skills.

Times Tables Activities

Times Tables Activities image

Knowing the times table is a vital building block for children's maths and learning. These activities will help adults too!

Words & Spellings Activities

Words & Spellings Activities image

Making words fun! And underpinning children’s spelling, English and literacy, vital skills throughout school and life.


Crosswords image

Fun activities to test the skills of young and old. Who'll get the clues first, you or your bright little one!

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