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Here is a selection of emails we have received from our members:

I have just found your AMAZING website! I have brought up six children of my own, and now care part-time for a little girl with Downs. Having always loved to be creative with all the children in my care, sometimes I have struggled to find something new, different or relevant, well no more! Well done and thanks, you really are brilliant. kind regards. M G

I have just discovered your website, and I have to say I am glad I did, I can get lost searching the internet for things to do with my children. Hey presto, what I need is all on your website which is easy to use. My children have had a wonderful Valentines Day finding things they can make and do, colouring in, writing stories, learning all through play, and thanks to you. Regards M and family

hello! I would just like to say thank you for a fabulous site - I am a home educator of 2 children, so when I found your site I was so happy!! The resources are amazing, and so well produced - I have recommended iChild to all my friends with kids! So thank you!! kind regards A

Many thanks for being such a great website resource, my daughter and I use it every week! S V

I really enjoy receiving your emails as I have a little grandson who is nearly two and I look forward to being able to do more and more of your suggested activities with him. Many thanks F P

I would like to add that iChild is great. The reading material is always very appropriate & informative, and the PDF library with pictures, crafts, etc to print, cut out, and so on is incredible. Keep it up! Best regards, R

Great website- very informative and insightful M

I love iChild and use it regularly for fun and educational resources! L M

Hi Sara, The website is really useful to me as I am a parent and a Childminder and the activities that you have listed are really handy for those wet days. Thanks J E

Hello! Just wanted to say I love this site and will definitely be making use of it throughout the year- particularly with the under 5s. As a childminder I find the children have had enough of 'learning' at school so I need to be more inventive! M & B B Hi,

I just signed up to ichild and would like to contact you to say that I am very impressed with the website. It has lots of fantastic ideas and activities for my daughter and nephew. Great for being free too!

Thanks, D G

Thank you. This site is awesome! A

Hi iChild, I just wanted to say I think your website is brilliant, I just found it this morning! How nice it is especially nowadays to have something free. Well done, a lot of thought has been put into this website!! This will help my little boy to be kept occupied!!! Suzanne

I would like to say what a fantastic web site you already had, but now, WOW. It is really great. Thank you. D S

To all at iChild, I just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent website. I have been using you regularly for the past few months & I think its fab! I am a Childminder & I find iChild covers nearly all the themed activities I do each week. You have given me some great ideas. Thank you Kind regards S B x

Your web site is fab and the Christmas activities are also great!! As I am writing this my children are doing the colouring... a massive hit! Thanks again for all the great activities available. Yours Sincerely A.

I would just like to say what a brilliant site this is. I run a playgroup and you have loads of ideas I can use. Thanks L x

Hi all at iChild, I would just like to say thank you for all the fantastic recourses on your website. I am a Registered Childminder and your website will be really helpful to ensure I am fulfilling the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage that came into effect in September 2008. Kind Regards Mrs K T

Dear iChild, As a Spanish speaker, I think it is great to have some one who can teach my kids apart from me. Many Thanks M

Hi iChild I am really glad that you decided to feature Remembrance Day. It is very difficult for a small child to understand time and the past and the ugliness of war – the sort that doesn’t make ching chinging noises with toy swords and is over when I call tea. We have spoken to our 5 year old about his great granddad who was killed in 1940 and he understands that when we buy a poppy we remember nice daddies who did not come home, and in particular for us the smiley man in the photo on the stairs, who although he was too old to be in the war was bombed on his ship. He understands that because of this his granddad had to leave school and stopped having fun times with his dad. We have also spoken about his other great granddad who did ’running up the beaches’ although all of his friends did not make it. I think he will enjoy colouring the poppies as his fave colour is red! We do remember ‘Poppy Day’ in our house and I think it is so important to go on remembering and letting children know that conflict solves nothing. Kind regards Mrs E G Life is always so busy, people often miss the thank yous they should make (and I am guilty of that too). As I have a minute, continued thank you for this site. We really like the way all the activities can be summarised on a page rather than over many ... and some unique ideas, long may you be inspired, find (finger football) and be able to pass on. :-). MH

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