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Cookie Policy - Cookie Policy

Cookies are vital to provide a high quality website and to ensure the user experience is of the highest possible standard. By using you consent to cookies being stored and used in accordance with our cookie policy. If you do not consent please disable cookies on your computer or refrain from using place small data files, known as cookies, on your computer or handheld device in order to deliver a high quality website and to improve the user experience. This is commonplace for all websites. Please read our Cookie Policy below for information on how uses cookies and how to disable them.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Small data files, known as cookies, are stored on your computer as you browse websites, use apps or view ads. Cookies are vital to provide a high quality website and to ensure the user experience is of the highest possible standard. uses two types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies which remember information for the duration of a visit to the website. These cookies expire when you close your browser.

  2. Persistent cookies which remember information for multiple visits to the website. These will be stored longer term on your computer.

Certain types of session cookies may be established as soon as you log onto the website. If you revisit or continue to use then persistent cookies may be established.

Types of Cookies used by uses the types of cookies below. The cookie categories are based on information contained in the International Chamber of Commerce UK Cookie guide.

1. Session Cookies Session cookies are strictly necessary for the website, and services requested by users, to work. The main use of these cookies is to allow members to stay logged in as they navigate the site, to process on-line transactions and to save preferences when downloading items such as The Toy Box. As these cookies are vital for the site to function they do not require the user’s consent.

2. Analytics Cookies Analytics cookies gather information about how is used. For example, how many times a page or advert is viewed and how many times a resource is downloaded. Analytics cookies are crucial as they allow to respond to user preferences and to monitor and improve website performance. Information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore cannot be used to identify individuals.

By using you agree that we can place this type of cookie on your computer, or device.

3. Targeting and Advertising Cookies Targeting and advertising cookies are used to deliver adverts that are relevant to individual users and to limit the number of times an individual will view a specific advert. They are also used to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. does not currently use targeting and advertising cookies.

Who sets the cookies used on

Cookies used on this website are set by and by our trusted partners for use during purchase transactions. Some cookies may be set by third party sponsors participating in affiliate marketing programmes.

How to disable cookies on your computer

The method used to disable cookies will vary depending on the browser used. Please find more information here.

What happens if I disable cookies?

If cookies are disabled for it is likely that the performance and functionality of the website will be affected. We cannot guarantee that you will have access to all the services provided through the website. The prevention of cookies will also impact’s ability to update the website to improve its performance according to user’s preferences.

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