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BABY born

Welcome to our BABY born section on iChild!

We're delighted to partner with BABY born once again. This year, we’re introducing BABY born Doll’s new best friend, BABY born Bear. BABY born Bear is ready to be at your children’s side as they take the next big step in their lives – starting school. Our resources support children in progressive stages through this life-changing journey. Each is based on the early learning areas of the National Curriculum, in particular Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

This section also includes our BABY born education programmes over the previous few years. In 2019, BABY born Soft Doll supported children in bedtime routines and family relationships. 2020 was all about washing hands and toilet skills. In 2021, we celebrated birthday parties with BABY born’s 30th birthday. And in 2022, BABY born encouraged recycling with five engaging and exciting early years activities.

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