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01: Let's Investigate Water - Notes for Teachers

Water is the ultimate natural resource. The giver of life. More than two thirds (71%) of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Water, or the lack of it, is also fundamental in the location and success of settlements, transport routes, trade, agriculture and tourism. It is at the heart of many cultural, social and environmental issues through the multiple connections it makes between the human and physical world.

This resource was produced in collaboration with the Geographical Association. The unit of work has been carefully sequenced to support pupils to build their understanding of place focusing on the concrete understanding that they can develop through first hand experiences in their school, its grounds and the local neighbourhood. Each ‘Step’ builds on the previous one/s as well as providing opportunities for pupils to integrate this with their prior learning.

This PDF explains the aim of this unit, the national curriculum coverage and the geographical concepts. It provides keywords flashcards to support the full scheme of work, which will also be provided on the respective Steps for Learning.

These keywords are also provided as individual pages on the accompanying Word document.

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01: Let's Investigate Water - Notes for Teachers

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