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High quality teaching resources from experts to enhance engagement and help implement a rich, diverse curriculum

Welcome to Captivating Classrooms

Enjoy high-quality teaching resources, focusing on under-supported subjects. Developed with experienced teachers and leading subject specialists, such as the Geographical Association, the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE), as well as Professor David Olusoga.

Our collaboration with these experts, among others, ensures that we offer you the highest calibre pedagogy. These exclusive teaching resources are easy to use, will save teachers time, enhance classroom engagement and support you to implement a rich and diverse curriculum. The resources are enriched by beautiful imagery, exciting animations, and top-quality photography bringing the real world into the classroom. You can download our information brochure for more information.

You can now subscribe to one subject only, or all subjects

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To access our growing portfolio of premium teaching resources, all you need to do is sign up to Captivating Classrooms. Choose from the following options:

One subject Up to 3 teacher licences (any school size) £99 / year + vat
All subjects Up to 3 teacher licences (any school size) £249 / year + vat
All subjects Up to 10 teacher licences (any school size) £399 / year + vat
All subjects Up to 25 teacher licences (any school size) £699 / year + vat

MAT: Please contact mat@ichild.co.uk with details of your MAT for tailored pricing

Subjects available:

  • History: Black British History
  • Geography: including Climate Change
  • Science: including Evolution and Inheritance
  • English: to inspire a love of reading and engage children in writing
  • Maths: including Fractions
  • Computing: including Algorithms and Debugging using unplugged activities
  • Art and Design
  • Design and Technology
  • EYFS

PLUS, at no additional cost, members of Captivating Classrooms will have full access to the 7,000+ high-quality themed crafts and activities on the iChild website. You will be able to share these with all the children and parents at your school to extend fun learning at home, for example to celebrate key religious festivals and secular events across the year.

Subscribe now to Captivating Classrooms and we will send you an invoice. As soon as you subscribe, you will have immediate access to the resources.

A word from our subject specialists...

Professor David Olusoga

Watch a message from David here

"Many of you have requested resources to help teach Black British history in schools, so I was delighted when iChild asked me and my sister Yinka to work with their team to do exactly that.

Black history is a vital part of British history and so it is an important part of the history curriculum. This history helps us connect and understand Great Britain today".

As part of iChild’s new Captivating Classrooms service for schools, we’ve produced a series of lessons on Black British history for you to use in primary schools.

In the lessons, we search and discover different sources of historical evidence, which have been used to re-examine the past.

We take children on a journey, starting with the Romans… and moving on to the Tudors…. Stuarts… Early Georgians… Late Georgians… Victorians and into the 20th century with the First and Second World wars, and then Windrush and the lasting impact in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Please join us on this journey!"

Professor David Olusoga
Historian, author, presenter and BAFTA winning film-maker.

Dr. Mandy Hartley

"Evolution and Inheritance is one of the hardest topics within the science curriculum to teach. It is also the subject I get most requests for help with teaching.

As an exciting and important topic, I was therefore delighted to be asked to create resources to support teachers with this topic, as part of iChild’s Captivating Classrooms for schools".

We have created a fantastic platform for children where each lesson builds on the last, to help provide a step-by-step explanation of evolution, inheritance and natural selection in a way children will find engaging, fun and easy to understand.

These resources include teaching about DNA. The way DNA is introduced and explained to children within the lessons significantly helps their understanding. They find it easier to make sense of evolution by giving them a strong understanding of the vehicle which drives it.

There are hands-on experiments to get children to think scientifically and to have a go at being real scientists. This is perfect for increasing their science capital and the fun activities help to reinforce each lesson.

I hope by using these resources “Evolution and Inheritance” will become one of the easiest and most enjoyable science topics for you to teach!"

Dr Mandy Hartley
Scientist, award-winning author of ‘The DNA Detectives’ children’s book series, and science teaching consultant.

Jon Cannel

"Great geography teaching and learning in primary schools weaves pupils’ experiences of their unique location with what exists in the wider world.

To build a rich geographical knowledge and understanding, pupils require opportunities to ‘think like geographers’: to challenge stereotypes, connect cause and effect, explore varied perspectives and stories and satisfy their curiosity".

"Primary teachers are the key holders, unlocking knowledge, skills, experiences and opportunities for practical application as well as theoretical synthesis. The Captivating Classrooms Steps for Learning have been carefully designed to support teachers in creating their own bespoke curriculum which will enable and empower students to think, act and behave like geographers”.

Jon Cannel
Primary Curriculum Lead for the Geographical Association

Janet Gough

“The Captivating Classrooms English resources have been created with the busy teacher in mind and offer the reassurance that the sound principles of the teaching sequence from reading to writing are at the heart of the recommended activities.

Teachers are encouraged to take the materials and adapt them as they see fit for the children in their classes, tailoring them to link with other subject areas and meet the needs of the children they teach.”

Janet Gough
Primary Officer of the National Association for the Teaching of English

Lynne Greenwood

“The Captivating Classrooms fractions resources are aimed to help children to deepen their understanding about fractions through playing games, using fractional language and stem sentences, and most of all having fun.

Each lesson is planned to move the learning on in small steps using a mixture of Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract representations. There are plenty of opportunities for children to develop their reasoning skills, with prompting example questions included to help children to deepen their thinking about fractions”.

Lynne Greenwood
Primary Maths consultant, as well as a workgroup lead for NEHS maths hub with Early Career teachers and an associate for MEI.

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If you have any queries please contact the iChild Captivating Classrooms team at classrooms@ichild.co.uk.

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