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New Meriva

Why is the New Meriva the right choice for your family? Click here to see why.

To test drive the New Meriva…and claim your FREE family goody bag, PLUS WIN a fabulous family holiday, click here!

Do you have a Nursery or School event planned? Why not book a visit from the New Vauxhall Meriva to your event and earn up to £40. Details here.

The New Meriva has FlexDoors front and rear, which open to almost 90°, so getting in and out is easy. Rear hinging of the back doors makes it easier to lift young children in and out of the car and secure them safely into a child seat. And, if you open both front and rear doors, you create a parent-friendly zone where it’s easier to control children as they step in and out of the car.

FlexDoors are far kinder on your back too. Research by the Department of Industrial Design at Coventry University looked at the effects of lifting even a 5kg object (a small baby for example) in and out of New Meriva’s rear seats. Compared with the previous model, the FlexDoors help reduce back-muscle loads by up to 58% and leaning and twisting angles by up to 48%. Back strain was reduced even when just getting in and out of the car. Finally in the boot - awkward kids' buggies can be accommodated with ease by sliding one or more rear seats forward.

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