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Sea Turtles

This teaching resource has been produced in association with Soneva Academy in the Maldives. We learn about the importance of sea turtles within the ocean ecosystem, the threats they face with multiple species on the endangered and critically endangered list, and the conservation efforts set up to help protect them and their habitat.

The PDF file provides teacher notes. It contains keywords, an index for the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, and a selection of worksheets.

The editable PowerPoint classroom presentation displays the lesson content (select the orange button to download, and use 'Slide Show' mode to activate animations). Please note the file is large (because of the images and animations), so it may take slightly longer to download. We promise it's worth it! Additional KS3 slides have been added for pupils working at a greater depth, to stretch their knowledge and understanding. They are marked with ‘KS3’ at the top of the slide. Please adapt this lesson to the pupils in your class and remove these additional slides if they are not needed.

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Sea Turtles

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